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AD Concepts

Check out a range of thinking from spec campaigns and banner ads, to commissions concepts. 


CATFE is a mock up cat-cafe. This is a spec campaign. The ask: reach new clientele that speaks to cat lovers who may not have furry friends of their own.  

Idea: No matter what stands in your way of adopting a cat, nothing can stop you from sitting with one (or 100) at a local cafe. 

Denali is a leather good brand. The ask: create a banner ad that highlights the product as sturdy, reliable, and trendy. The ask also required we speak to existing customers (men, 50+) and a new demographic (millennials). 

Idea 1 (Image 1): Leather is only as good as the person wearing it. 

Idea 2 (Image 2): We don't need to sell our leather anymore than you need to sell yourself. Together, you're both great without any explanation. 

[Brand name], an ITP medication. The ask: offer patients relief that they can rediscover their identities with this new medication. 

Idea 1 (images 1 & 2): [Brand name] will vanquish the fear of every day objects that you'll be able to reintroduce into your life. 

Idea 2 (image 3-5):  [Brand name] will remind you how strong you really are, even with ITP.  And now, you may be even stronger. Enjoy two different executions for this idea. ;)

Idea 3 (image 6): Now, with [Brand name], you can finally get back to what makes you, you. 

[Brand name], a medication that treats CPP— a condition that causes early onset puberty in children as young as 3. The ask: create urgency for parents to know the signs of CPP and start treatment quickly.

Idea: With [Brand name], play time can stay just that.